What does BSB stand for?
What is a BSB Number?
BSB stands for Bank, State & Branch Code (Australia).
Definition: The BSB number is a 6 digit number as part of a bank account number that indicates the bank and the branch where the account is held.
A BSB Number is a unique number which identifies both the Financial Institution and the point of representation of a particular account in Australia. It is frequently used in electronic banking.
A Bank-State-Branch identifying code (often abbreviated and used in conversation as BSB ) is a six digit numerical code used within Australia that identifies an individual branch of a financial institution.
The format of the code is as follows:
  • First two digits specify the parent financial institution.
  • Third digit specifies the state where the branch is located
  • Fourth, fifth and sixth digits specify the branch
For example, the BSB "033088" actually breaks down to the following:
While banks usually follow this system, building societies and credit unions often do not. Building societies and former ones start with 63xxxx and credit unions 80xxxx. The state code does not always apply eg 633xxx is for Bendigo Bank which started as a building society in Victoria however 638xxx is for Queensland based Heritage Building Society. A financial institution may also use one centralised BSB for all accounts. Suncorp uses 484799 for all deposit accounts regardless of which branch or state the account was opened.
With the expansion of the banking sector there are now many institutions which are now identified by the first three digits and "state" field is part of the "bank" identifier.

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